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If you don't already have a reference to FlitBit Core add one using the NuGet command line:

PM> Install-Package FlitBit.Core


FlitBit Core contains core classes, utilities, and extensions used throughout the FlitBit Frameworks


The FlitBit Frameworks are a collection of libraries comprising a scaffolding upon which desktop and web applications can be composed. While these frameworks have always been open licensed (none, then LGPL, then MIT) they were hosted in private repositories and used only by a handful of devs. The libraries and underlying concepts have evolved since the mid-1990s and have been reworked as languages, tools, and best-practice evolved. By hosting them here and making them both open and community maintained, perhaps others will contribute and/or benefit.

A la carte Frameworks

There are many independent libraries that make up the FlitBit Frameworks. Each of these addresses a specific application concern so that you can pick and choose from the capabilities you actually need, and rest assured that we maintain the least dependency on the other frameworks. You can adopt one of the capabilities into your ecosystem without having to also weave in (or mitigate) the rest.

We endeavor toward high-cohesion for those who choose to use these frameworks together, but recognize that unless you're on a brand new project, you already have a solution in place for many of the concerns that these frameworks address. Since we too work on projects that don't allow us to slash and burn the prior generation's decisions - we strive for low-coupling at every turn so you can adopt a single capability with the least disruption to your other code. That said, it is an ongoing process, so please log an issue if we need to publish a particular how-to addressing your situation.

FlitBit Frameworks
  • Core
    • Copy - fast object copies
    • Cache - a caching abstraction
    • Data - the missing abstraction over
    • Data Mapping
    • DTO - data-transfer-objects made easy
    • Emit - utilities for emitting dynamic assemblies
    • IoC - inversion of control container
    • Object Identity
    • Parse - string parsing utilities and tools for building tokenizer/parsers for little languages
    • Proto
    • Registrar
    • Representations - abstraction for transforming objects into various representations
    • Wireup - application bootstrap and wire-up utilities
    • many others, we are actively pulling them from private repositories and publishing here as time allows.

Build Requirements

Some of the command lines rely on Powershell. Ensure your powershell execution policy is permissive enough if you intend to run the batch files.


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